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About Us
Langdon Insurance Services

Bruce started in the insurance business in 1978 as a career agent for New England Life.  The American College awarded Bruce the Chartered Life Underwriter designation in 1982 and he became a Chartered Financial Consultant in 1984.  He is a member of Life Underwriters Association of Los Angeles, the LA Health Insurance Underwriters, and has served on the leader’s council of various insurance carriers.  Erin and Lanni both joined the agency in 2018.  Erin has an accounting degree and years of experience working at a law firm.  Lanni has a marketing degree and background in sales.

Our goals are: 

  • Help you clarify your objectives and understand your specific needs through fact-finding.  
  • Provide you with a market analysis of available carriers and plan options, including benefit comparisons. 
  • Guide you to an appropriate benefit plan design, a comprehensive network of providers, competitive pricing, and a carrier with quality service. 
  • Service what we sell, relentlessly.  No matter how good the carrier, problems will occur. Health care is complex. Mergers and downsizing have reduced the quality of service most health plans provide.  We can provide the assistance and advice that will help you and your employees through the complexities of today’s healthcare. This can make the difference between having a disgruntled employee and one that appreciates the benefits your company provides. 
  • Approximately 90 days prior to your anniversary we will contact you to review your situation and update the employee census. This will enable our agency to provide you with a marketing report showing your current plan benefits and rates against what is available from other carriers. This can save your HR Dept. a significant amount of time while keeping your company informed of its options. 
We provide a very specialized and personalized service for our clients. Would you like this kind of professional advice? Please email us today for information on how we can help you or your business. 
Bruce Langdon

CLU, ChFC  CA INS LIC 0551637

Lanni Langdon

CA INS LIC 0H13507

Erin Langdon

CA INS LIC 0L98379